Grounds Entertainment

Grounds Entertainment Tentative Schedule
(Free with gate admission)
Monday, July 29 through August 4
Tuesday, July 30 through August 4
Demonstrations throughout the day
New for 2019
  Hansen's Spectacular is a fully self contained acrobatic thrill show. The Hansen family tours the U.S. performing at fairs and festivals.

High speed juggling, extreme hula hoops, aerial ring, Olympic trampoline, cubs spinning display just to name a few.

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Bearadise Ranch, since 1926, brings to you their big, beautiful bruins in loving human care.

Promoting habitat preservation and conservation for all bear species, learn about bears and gain an appreciation for them up close and personal. Witness the love between man and bear with the Bears of Bearadise Ranch.

Bears have been a part of the Welde Family for over 70 years. Their training methods are based on developing the natural and unique talents of each individual bear through patience, reward and understanding. The relationship with each bear bust be one of mutual love and respect.

Through their shows they hope to educate the public as well as entertain them about the future of bears. Due to manís steady destruction of the bears natural habitat, by the growth of human population, they hope through their shows they may remind people just how precious these magnificent beasts are to our planet Earth and by showing these beautiful animals up close this will keep them fresh in peopleís minds to preserve, protect and conserve our wildlife.

Make sure you catch Bearadise Ranch! Itís education, conservation awareness and family entertainment all rolled into one.

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Favorites from 2018
Founded by Robert W. Commerford over 40 years ago, we here at the Commerford Zoo love bringing our animals and rides out to meet you!

A Bit of Our History
It all began with some simple horse buying and selling, but soon we were showing up at local county fairs with rides and parade costumes on. Since then we've added elephants, camels, ponies, kangaroos, and other exotic animals to our family. To keep you entertained while our animals rest, we've also got a super-slide, carousel, and other fun rides. With all that we've created our own fun-fair!

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Commerford's Petting Zoo


The Germains combine side splitting humor with mystifying magic to create a show that gets everyone involved!

Lee and Judi will create a magical experience for any occasion to meet your needs...

From full stage productions featuring comedy illusions to children's parties.

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Lee Germain & Judi Lee
Magic Show
Award Winning and World Champion Lumberjacks at Their Best
This is the lumberjack show that three times a day, takes a journey into the bygone days of yesteryear. Exhibiting the skills, strength, and courage of the old time lumberjack, in both a humorous and educational format. Your audience will have the home town opportunity to see some of the lumberjack contestants and events they may have seen on E.S.P.N and the Wide World of Sports.

Entertainment for the entire Family
The Indian River Olde Time Lumberjack Show is in it's sixteenth year of presenting high quality family entertainment at fairs, festivals, sport shows and various entities throughout the United States and Canada. The lumberjack show operates out of Croghan and Amsterdam, New York both small towns located in northern New York State.

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Olde Indian River
Lumberjack Show

Lisaís horses have waltzed their way into Japan and danced in the Main Ballroom of the Waldorf Astoria in New York City.

They have appeared on stage at Lincoln Center during the Lincoln Center Theatre Festival, and circled the United States for various circuses, stage shows, fairs and horse theatres, including a number of years performing with Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey.

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Horses, Horses, Horses