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Here at the fair, we offer huge entertainment included FREE with your gate admission!   

Everything listed below is a free show 3-4 times daily!  Check back just before fair for the daily schedule!

Some events start later in the week

Starting Monday: Sea Lion Splash, Swifty Swine Racing Pigs


Sea Lion Splash is a unique show that will have crowds cheering and laughing. The show is an educational show with a splash. The sea lions will amaze the crowd as they balance balls, shoot hoops, dance, perform handstands and show their pretty smiles. The show features both California and South American sea lions.

The natural exhibit is presented in a tropical setting with rocks, palm trees, waterfalls, foliage and two pools. Trainers Marco and Philip Peters have been recognized by millions ofpeople for their always unique and exciting shows and exhibits.

Sea lions are natural performers and will ad lib without prompting, stealing the show with their cute mischief.

Rick & Judy Pratt

Dylan Pratt, Dustin Pratt

Kyle Maurer



We are a "Family of Artists" creating together.  We provide quality Artwork in Sculpture, Architecture, Furniture and Attachables to increase dimension to your Home and Landscape.
Please have a look at our Gallery and let us know how we can help you achieve your Artistic Dreams!

chainsaw artist.jpeg
blaszaks 2.jpg



Brunon Blaszak is a third generation tiger training and has been performing with Sumatran, Siberian, and Bengal tigers his entire life. He and his mother, Ada Smieya-Blaszak, are fully devoted to preserving these magnificent creatures for many generations to come, and use their incredibly entertaining show for both your excitement and to spread a conservation message about protecting tigers. Internationally-acclaimed, Brunon is helping to ensure that people will continue to love and learn about these beautiful big cats!


Tigers once occupied most of Asia, south into India, China Sumatra, Java, and Bali. Some subspecies of tigers are completely extinct and those that remain are threatened with extinction because of poachers hunting them for their hides. Protected by the Convention on International Trade and Endangered Species (CITES), the tiger is a particularly special animal, and Brunon’s expertise in working with them shows in the vast knowledge he gives the audience during the performance!


As a first-class showman, Brunon’s show is fast-paced with thrills, danger, and excitement, on top of the high quality educational value for the whole family! Featuring both Bengal and Siberian tigers, watch these incredible cats walk the tight wire, perform choreographed leaping, and jumping and dancing that will leave you amazed and delighted!

Lance Gifford provides so much more that just amazing magic shows and spell binding hypnosis shows. Lance travels with his own stage!!

This stage is quite the sight on your midway, it is a whopping 53' x 26', completely self contained with professional sound and lighting.

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Award Winning and World Champion Lumberjacks at Their Best
This is the lumberjack show that three times a day, takes a journey into the bygone days of yesteryear. Exhibiting the skills, strength, and courage of the old time lumberjack, in both a humorous and educational format. Your audience will have the home town opportunity to see some of the lumberjack contestants and events they may have seen on E.S.P.N and the Wide World of Sports.

Entertainment for the entire Family
The Indian River Olde Time Lumberjack Show is in it's sixteenth year of presenting high quality family entertainment at fairs, festivals, sport shows and various entities throughout the United States and Canada. The lumberjack show operates out of Croghan and Amsterdam, New York both small towns located in northern New York State.

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Founded by Robert W. Commerford over 40 years ago, we here at the Commerford Zoo love bringing our animals and rides out to meet you!

A Bit of Our History
It all began with some simple horse buying and selling, but soon we were showing up at local county fairs with rides and parade costumes on. Since then we've added elephants, camels, ponies, kangaroos, and other exotic animals to our family. To keep you entertained while our animals rest, we've also got a super-slide, carousel, and other fun rides. With all that we've created our own fun-fair!

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If you've never been to a pig race, you're in for a real treat! Swifty and his friends don't do it for the money, what they really want is that Oreo cookie, waiting on a silver platter at the finish line!

They run as fast as their little legs can take 'em, and then it's back to nap time to be ready for the next race!

Swifty Swine travels all over the United States, bringing this unique form of family entertainment to their fans. So watch the shows page to see when they'll be in your town, , and get there early to get a good seat!

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